Deacon’s Message

Message from Past Deacon, Peter Rae – Deacon from 2009 – 20012

My initial objective was to prevent the Incorporation from sliding into obscurity after 125 years of inactivity. As part of the City of Edinburgh’s history and tradition it is essential for people to remember the importance candles and candlemakers played in everyday life .

Having achieved our first aim with the help of a few enthusiastic citizens, enrolled as members, we now have office bearers with some renewed traditions and are recognised by the Lord Provost and Deacon Convenor of Trades. We have also made contact with other international candle Guilds and Trade Incorporations so that exchanges of information can be enjoyed.

Our next objective is to move forward into the present time, support the City and stimulate interest in it’s history while encouraging the resurgence of the use of candles. We are hoping to work with the Fire Brigade in teaching children in safety matters relating to candles and fireworks and in doing so also interest them in the history and traditions of Edinburgh. The increased use of candles in all types of therapies is an area that we feel we should be aware of and assist in promoting peoples health.

Once we have achieved these steps we then hope to be in a position to carry out local appropriate charitable work.

Any encouragement or support in our aims will be most welcome and membershiop is open to anyone with an interest in our history and our hopes and aspirations.

R.Peter Rae     Deacon.


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